MS Brain Health Newsletter July 2019

Dear supporters

New translations now available to download

We are thrilled to announce that ChineseIndian (Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu) and Slovakian translations of popular MS Brain Health resources are now available on our website. Follow the links below, click ‘Download’ and select your language.
Resources for people with MS:
Resources for healthcare professionals:
Also, the full policy report, Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis, has been translated into Serbian. It is also available in German, as well as English.
Please share these resources with your colleagues and friends.

Local activities to spread the MS brain health message 

It is always exciting to hear how you have been disseminating the MS brain health message locally. Here are some notable updates.
  • Supporters in Australia have written an article promoting our primary care provider guide, a two-page document that highlights the symptoms of MS and the need to diagnose early to maximize brain health. Their article has recently been published in two local Australian Medical Association magazines: VicDoc and Doctor Q. It is also available on the MS Australia website.
  • In London, UK, one of our brain health champions gave a successful presentation about how primary care could help in the management of MS. Over 100 nurses attended the event, many of whom took away our nursing resource.
  • MS neurologist and MS Brain Health Steering Committee member Jeremy Hobart presented about brain health at an MS event in Kiev, Ukraine. Translations of MS Brain Health resources into Ukrainian are underway. Watch this space for news of their publication on our website!  
Thank you to all our supporters for continuing to share information about brain health. Are you planning an MS event or presenting at a local meeting? If so, download our resources to distribute at the event.

Please do keep us updated on all your brain health activities – we would love to find out what you have been up to!


You can follow us on Twitter @MSBrainHealth to keep up with the latest news.
Thank you for your continuing support!
Gavin Giovannoni, MD

Professor of Neurology and Chair of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee

On behalf of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee: Gavin Giovannoni, Peer Baneke, Helmut Butzkueven, Jodi Haartsen, Jeremy Hobart, Gisela Kobelt, Christoph Thalheim, Tony Traboulsee, Tim Vollmer and Tjalf Ziemssen

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