MS Brain Health Newsletter April 2019


Portuguese Study Group endorsement

Grupo de Estudos de Esclerose Múltipla – a division of the Portuguese Neurology Society – is the latest national organization to endorse the policy report, Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis.
We invite other MS organizations and clinics to endorse the recommendations from our report and to lead the way in implementing them. Twelve clinics have so far endorsed the recommendations. If you wish to add your clinic to the list, please contact us to let us know.

Share the global consensus MS care standards

Global consensus quality standards for MS care, published recently from our Delphi research, provide MS teams with a framework for service evaluation, benchmarking and improvement. Have you read them? Do you think the suggested timings are realistic? Or are the standards too challenging? Whether you are a recipient or a provider of MS care services, we would love to hear your feedback.
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A snapshot of some of the recommended standards for MS care.

More translations on the way! 

Translations of MS Brain Health documents into Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese are in preparation. Our Guide for people with multiple sclerosis is now available in 17 languages. Other short reports for healthcare professionals are available:

If you would like any of these in your language, or could help with translation, please let us know. We cannot promise to meet all requests, but we will do our best.


Find us exhibiting at the next conference  

Join us at the next conference discussing current concepts in paediatric MS on 11 June 2019 at 13:30 BST. This global virtual conference for healthcare professionals and MS researchers is free to attend, just register in advance:  

If you have any questions about MS Brain Health, this is a great opportunity to talk to us and get more involved! 
You can follow us on Twitter @MSBrainHealth to keep up with the latest news.
Thank you for your continuing support!
Gavin Giovannoni, MD

Professor of Neurology and Chair of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee

On behalf of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee: Gavin Giovannoni, Peer Baneke, Helmut Butzkueven, Jodi Haartsen, Jeremy Hobart, Gisela Kobelt, Christoph Thalheim, Tony Traboulsee, Tim Vollmer and Tjalf Ziemssen

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