MS Brain Health April 2016 Newsletter

MS Brain Health advocates and endorsing organizations in more than 40 countries have already begun sharing with healthcare professionals the key recommendations of Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis:

  1.        Minimize delays in diagnosis and treatment
  2.        Monitor multiple sclerosis disease activity and treat to a target
  3.        Generate and use robust evidence

Many countries, however, have no ‘local champion’ promoting brain health. If you are a healthcare professional based in one of the unrepresented countries (grey) and want to help spread the message locally that time matters in MS, please contact us. We would love to hear about relevant opportunities in your country, and we will ensure that you receive the MS Brain Health resources we are developing. Alternatively, if you know a healthcare professional in an unrepresented country who would appreciate information about the MS Brain Health initiative, please forward this newsletter and encourage them to get involved.

On Saturday 16 April at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, we will be presenting a poster entitled Time matters in multiple sclerosis – international consensus recommendations on diagnosis, management and treatment access. If you are attending and would like to know more about the report or how you can get involved, please come to view the poster [number 340] between 5.30 pm and 7.00 pm

As always, you can keep up to date with the latest MS Brain Health news by following us on Twitter, @MSbrainhealth. You may also like to read summaries of new MS research on the MS Brain Health website. Here are three of our most recent MS research articles:

Thank you for being part of the MS Brain Health initiative.


Gavin Giovannoni, MD

Professor of Neurology and Chair of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee

On behalf of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee: Gavin Giovannoni, Peer Baneke, Helmut Butzkueven, Giancarlo Comi, Kathleen Costello, Jeremy Hobart, Gisela Kobelt and Christoph Thalheim

Preparation and publication of this newsletter was funded by grants from AbbVie and Actelion Pharmaceuticals and by an educational grant from Novartis, all of whom had no influence on the content.

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