Celebrating MS nurses on World MS Day

‘Life with MS’ is the theme of World MS Day on 31 May 2017. We are highlighting the role MS nurses play in supporting and empowering people to live life with MS.  

Nurses play a key role in the care and support of people with MS

“My MS nurse is my lifeline. Without her I would be lost. She gives me as much or as little as I request.”1

Nurses with specialist knowledge of MS play a pivotal role within MS clinical services, which includes:

  • educating people with MS about their disease and treatment options
  • support and counselling
  • monitoring the safety and effectiveness of disease-modifying therapies
  • assessing and managing symptoms.

In this video, we hear from Amy Bowen, a qualified nurse who was previously Director of Service Development at the MS Trust: “Neurologists have short consultations, generally speaking, and so they only have time (and generally only have the skills and training) to really focus on the clinical and medical aspects. The nurse is there to be able to bring a lot of those issues to life for people and also to connect people with MS up with the other members of the multidisciplinary team that they might need, like a physio or occupational therapist. Nurses can give people with MS advice about benefits and help them to access all the other resources that they need.” 

New resource for nurses with an interest in MS

The authors of the consensus policy report, Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis, have teamed up with five MS nurses to create Brain health: a nursing resource. This short guide highlights the most important ways that nurses can help people with MS to maximize their lifelong brain health. It is available to download here.


1Colhoun S, Wilkinson C, Izat A et al. Multiple sclerosis and disease modifying therapies: results of two UK surveys on factors influencing choice. Br J Neurosci Nurs 2015;11:7–13.

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