Øivind Torkildsen: Switch DMT when treatment makes no impact

Professor Øivind Torkildsen recommends switching to a more potent drug if the current treatment is not making an impact on multiple sclerosis disease activity.

"My recommendation is: if a drug doesn’t seem to be making an impact on the disease, if it still doesn’t reduce the relapse rate (or hopefully we would like to remove the relapse rate and remove all new MRI activity); if it doesn’t work, then I think we should switch to a more potent drug. That is very important. We know that MS is a very dissimilar disease. Some people have a very aggressive disease, some have a much milder disease, and we can’t use the same drugs for all patients. Some people will need more aggressive treatment, and if they need it then it is important that we start with it early on when they haven’t lost too much brain capacity."

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