Eva Havrdová: Living a healthy lifestyle with multiple sclerosis

Professor Eva Havrdová offers advice on how people with multiple sclerosis can lead a brain healthy lifestyle.

"They should start treatment for multiple sclerosis, for their specific disease, and then there are a lot of lifestyle changes they can do. They should not be overweight, so they can watch their diet a little bit. They shouldn’t use too much salt in their diet. They definitely should quit smoking, because it is now proven that it is not only a risk factor, but  the progression of disability and brain atrophy is quicker with smoking, and also some drugs do not work so well if you are smoking. The other thing is exercise. It is extremely important to take care of physical and psychological health. And for physical health, definitely to train muscles is important, so for each patient with multiple sclerosis who is just now diagnosed, we recommend some training."

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