A tool to benchmark clinical standards and facilitate local change

MS Brain Health is inviting MS centres worldwide to pilot a tool to benchmark their own standards against those recommended by the international consensus standards for timely brain health-focused MS care.

The first prototype of this tool was successfully trialled by members of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee in three MS centres (in Australia, Germany and the UK). Local analysis of results from that initial pilot study prompted improvements in clinical practice in those centres.

In the first part of this short video clip, Jodi Haartsen, an MS nurse practitioner based in Australia who participated in the initial pilot study, describes how the tool can help MS care teams assess where they could improve care for people with MS in their centre. In the second part of the video, Jodi explains how measuring standards provided her with data that she was able to present to the decision-makers in her centre to highlight changes needed.

Inspired by what you have heard? Keen to collect data on care in your centre? Interested in trialling the tool? Email us to find out more!

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