MS Brain Health policy document cited by NHS report

Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis has been cited by a new NHS report released this week.  

The report, Transforming community neurology: what commissioners need to know, was launched by the Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network. It aims to help local commissioners (people who plan and buy services) in England improve community neurology services for people with long-term neurological conditions. It contains information on:

  • identifying the needs and priorities of people living with long-term neurological conditions and their carers
  • integrating care pathways
  • optimising mental well-being
  • digital technology, and
  • costs of care.

Brain health is discussed in the chapter ‘Optimising mental well-being’, written by Professor Dawn Langdon:  

“Brain health […] involves patients making life style choices that protect their daily function and preserve physical and cognitive competence, thus achieving optimum outcomes for patients with financial benefit to providers (Giovannoni et al., 2015). Resilience and brain health can help to maintain a better quality of life, reduce morbidity and consequently service use.”

Professor Langdon’s institution, Royal Holloway, University of London, will be hosting a community neurology conference on Wednesday 29th June to discuss the new report. Representatives of the MS Brain Health initiative will be attending, to discuss the importance of brain health and good community care services for people with MS.  

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