MS Brain Health January 2018 Newsletter

MS consensus standards: presentation at ACTRIMS Forum 2018

Global standards that promote brain health in MS care will be presented in the USA this week, alongside details of how consensus was reached and the proposed application of the standards in clinical practice. 

On Friday 2 February, Professor Timothy Vollmer will present Engaging multiple stakeholder groups in the development of standards for multiple sclerosis care: a modified Delphi process at the ACTRIMS Forum 2018 in San Diego, California. If you are attending, do take the opportunity between 11.30 am and 1 pm to meet Professor Vollmer, read the poster (P228) and discuss the findings.

The poster will be available to download from ‘Congress posters’ on the MS Brain Health website from 2 February.

Prompt referral when MS is suspected – an achievable standard?

Neurologists are calling for general practitioners (GPs) and primary care providers (PCPs) to refer people with symptoms suggestive of MS promptly to a neurologist.

The global MS consensus standards presented at ECTRIMS 2017 stated that anyone reporting symptoms that might be related to MS should be referred to a neurologist within 10 days. Is this achievable in your country? We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share Time matters in multiple sclerosis: diagnose early to maximize brain health, a guide for GPs and PCPs, to support prompt referral locally.

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Each month we will continue to take a closer look at one of the global standards that has emerged from the consensus research. 

MS Brain Health champions in your country 

Healthcare professionals in more than 55 countries (orange) now agree that time matters in multiple sclerosis. If you are organizing a local event and would like to invite an MS Brain Health champion to speak, please get in touch with details of your event. We will put you in contact with a champion if possible.

Russian translation now available

Brain health: a guide for people with multiple sclerosis is now available in Russian. We thank Professor Alexey Boyko, Olga Konovalova and ROKIRS/ RUCTRIMS for help with this translation. Our guide for people with MS is now available in 15 languages; on the webpage, just click download and then choose your language!


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Gavin Giovannoni, MD
Professor of Neurology and Chair of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee

On behalf of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee: Gavin Giovannoni, Peer Baneke, Helmut Butzkueven, Jodi Haartsen, Jeremy Hobart, Gisela Kobelt, Christoph Thalheim, Tony Traboulsee, Tim Vollmer and Tjalf Ziemssen

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